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The Lighthouse – A Tragedy on the Smalls

The Lighthouse – A Tragedy on the Smalls


For all the mysterious deaths and tragic events that have happened at lighthouses during the past couple hundred years, one would think that more films would emerge to exploit the creepiness that comes naturally from the isolated beacons at sea. Both the Eddystone and Small Lighthouses have a cast to their beauty, a solemn veil that shadows the architectural marvels that they are. Though they withstand the roughhousing of the sea or the hardy blows of the gales, it’s the humans that dwell within that sometimes cause the most damage.

Today we got word that one of the above mentioned light pillars is now the setting of an upcoming cinematic tale of darkness. The Lighthouse is a supernatural thriller based on the chilling events which took place in 1801 within the walls erected above the Irish Sea. Directed by Chris Crow, The Lighthouse stars a couple familiar faces from The Last Jedi: Mark Lewis Jones and Michael Jibson as a pair a quarrelsome lighthouse keepers who must grip their sanity tightly as isolation, the raging sea, and emotion fight to break them.

The Lighthouse is due in select theatres on July 6th and will then debut on VOD later on the 10th of July.

Check out the trailer below!

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