Jon Turteltaub Talks ‘National Treasure 3’

Director Jon Turteltaub recently discussed ‘National Treasure 3.’ On Working With Nicolas Cage he said, “He’s a gentleman. He is one of the most professional actors but especially compared to what we think the wild Nic Cage is like. This is a guy who works really hard and has none of that movie star nonsense. All those bad stories you’ve heard about movie actors – none of those are true with Nic Cage. You also get someone who never bores you. Every time you’re watching him do a scene you’re going to get something unexpected. For a director, that’s what you want because if they’re only doing what you ask them to do – you have to be good as a director. He can fill in anything you’re missing and do something special and that’s what directors need.

He also addressed rumors that ‘National Treasure 3’ and ‘Ghost rider 2’ would conflict saying, I doubt it. Usually scheduling conflicts come up if you’re trying to land an actor and the actor has to choose between two movies. We won’t make “National Treasure” without Nic and they won’t make “Ghost Rider” without Nic so everyone will find a way to make both movies. It’s not like Nic is going to go, “I’ll make ‘Ghost Rider’ instead.” He’ll make both. Also an actor’s schedule is three to four months. Whereas a movies takes a year and a half. So it won’t be an issue.”

Turteltaub indicated that he wants to start shooting late fall, early winter and is hoping for a Christmas 2011 release.


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