‘Midnight, Texas’ Season 2 Gets Three New Residents

midnight texas

NBC’s supernatural drama Midnight, Texas is returning for a second season on October 26th. This renewal also marks the introduction of three fresh faces to the one-stoplight town: Kai, Patience, and Walker.

Bates Motel fans will rejoice as Nestor Carbonell and Jaime Ray Newman settle in Midnight, Texas as recurring characters of Kai and Patience. Carbonell will portray a charismatic new-age healer, and Newman appears as Kai’s lovely spouse. Josh Kelly will also have a recurring role of a demon hunter who will team up with Joe Strong (Jason Lewis).

From the press release:

Carbonell and Newman will recur as Kai and Patience Lucero, respectively, the owners of Midnight’s new hotel. Their sudden arrival in town causes a stir and has the Midnighters suspicious about what is really going on. Kelly will recur as Walker Chisum, an openly gay demon hunter who has an intense connection with resident angel Joe Strong (Jason Lewis).

Kai (Nestor Carbonell) is a magnetic, holistic energy healer and Patience (Jaime Ray Newman) is his savvy and beautiful wife. Drawn to Midnight’s unique energy, they have opened Crystal Desert, a hotel and New Age healing center. Though Kai impresses the Midnighters with his power, some are skeptical of his motives and wonders if he is actually a con man. Patience uses her charm to ingratiate herself to Midnight and takes an immediate liking to Manfred (François Arnaud).

Walker (Josh Kelly) is a handsome, openly gay demon hunter, much like Joe Strong, the famed angel he admires. When Walker discovers Joe in Midnight, the two develop a bond fighting demons. Driven by revenge and an undeniably intense attraction to one another, Walker will get Joe into more trouble than either expect.

Midnight, Texas can be streamed on NBC.com or on the NBC app.


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