Gotch Ya: A Conversation with Major League Wrestling’s Simon Gotch

Simon Gotch

From NYC at the Melrose Ballroom Major League Wrestling taped their event known as Battle Riot. Subsequently it is airing on MLW’s Youtube channel. FanBolt sent their resident wrestling corespondent Brendan Sokler to cover this insane event.

Now you may be asking yourself what is Major League Wrestling? It is a promotion that had a run in the early 2000’s in Florida and had a TV deal, it is a series of podcasts with the best minds and biggest names in the business, it is blood, sweat, and tears of former WWE writer Court Bauer, it is the phoenix of pro wrestling that has risen from the ashes as a brand spanking new promotion on beINSPORTS network, and most importantly it IS MAJOR LEAGUE. The lights, the cameras, the names, the production, I cannot stress enough this television taping was unlike any wrestling show I had ever been to and it was AWESOME.

What is a Battle Riot? It is a 40 man Battle Royale where eliminations come via Pinfall, Submission, and Over The Top Rope Elimination. Competitors enter the ring at one minute intervals. Now you may be asking yourself “Why on earth would any individual put themselves in line for such madness?” Quite simple: A shot at the The Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.

I personally would not enter this match…I am not a wrestler…and to face MLW’s champion might be certain death…for Low Ki is the possessor of this great title. But someone brave enough to challenge for that and MORE is Team Filthy member Simon Gotch. We caught up with Simon Gotch and spoke to him about his competing in two matches in an eve, his philosophy going into a match with former world champ Jake Hager, Him entering the Battle Riot, and to my chagrin why he is an appropriate member of Team Filthy.


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