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Top Best Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriend

Top Best Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriend


Best Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriend

You stay with a girl, you like each other, but you also experience some shyness in a relationship because there are not many common topics for talking. In this case, an excellent option is to watch a movie with a girl. Which one? Let choose together. To begin with, let’s set aside vulgarity and rudeness (if a girl herself doesn’t offer to watch it). Let’s suppose that she is intelligent, modest, beautiful, and erudite. In addition, she is well brought up. Forget about stupid vulgar films, they will not help seduce her but on the contrary – push her away. So, what movie to watch with a girl in the evening at home? Comedy or horror? Melodrama or thriller? Look at the list that beautiful ladies advise you and choose something.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Did you watch this movie? And she? If not, then watch it together. This is an amazing story not only of love but of a lifetime. The life of a man who was born an old man and he became younger with age. Three “Oscars”, 10 nominations, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in the lead roles. If suddenly you both didn’t watch it, then do it this evening. Otherwise, if you’re still guessing what movie to watch with a girl, let’s go further.

The Skeleton Key

Try to frighten her slightly. But convince her that you are a knight who can win anyone for the sake of his princess. This movie will tickle your nerves. The script is pretty standard for all scary movies, but the film itself is very high quality and scary. According to the plot, a young woman works as a nurse for an elderly disabled person. His wife gives her a universal key that fits all the doors. One day the girl finds the secret door and decides to enter. The film combines horror, thriller, and detective. It will not be boring. Well, if not, then we go further.

The Best Offer

This is another good (if not the best) film. The original plot, a mystery, undisclosed to the very end of the film. In addition, if a girl has a craving for art and has not seen this film, she will like it. Relations between an elderly millionaire and a young girl suffering from a strange illness will be understood only if you watch this film to the end.

Slumdog Millionaire

Many are very fond of the well-known TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” This game takes place not only in your country but all over the world, including India. I am informing you in advance that this film is not a typical Indian film and didn’t appear in Bollywood. But it tells the amazing story of an Indian boy, a teenager, a typical representative of the slums of Mumbai. He was on the show and reached the final question, the answer to which will make him a millionaire and most importantly – a free man.

Life of Pi

If your girlfriend has watched a millionaire from the slums of Mumbai, then offer her the story of another Indian teenager Pi. This film is also extremely interesting and colorful. It is also not a standard Hollywood movie. The plot is unusual: a boy with a Bengal tiger, a hyena, a zebra and an orangutan survived on a lifeboat in the ocean after a shipwreck. It is not easy to find a common language in this situation, right? By the way, it has 4 “Oscars”.

The Intern

Offer her this fresh comedy with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in the lead roles. An elderly widower, who doesn’t want to live a boring life, arranges an intern in a fashionable online store, where the charming Jules Austen leads, who, by the way, is completely confused in her own life. People of different generations – the boss and the intern suddenly become good friends. The end of the film is quite touching, so your girl can cry. So, get ready for this.

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