Charles Grodin in Talks for ‘Midnight Run 2’

According to reports, Charles Grodin is in talks to co-star in the sequel to ‘Midnight Run’. Robert De Niro is set to produce and star in the movie, and Martin Brest, who directed the original, is being courted to direct the sequel. The original idea for the film was for De Niro’s bounty hunter character to be chasing the son of Grodin’s character. Grodin has been largely retired for the last 20-years, as he quit the business so that he could focus on being a good father. He has repeatedly turned down roles (on Brett Ratner and Adam Sandler films recently) due to travel. He also stated that he turned down another role recently saying, “I just turned down the new Muppet movie. I think they are bringing back those of us still alive for a reprise. Jim Henson was dear to me but I’m not flying 6,000 miles to Los Angeles to work one day.”

Grodin is considering taking the role in the sequel, as long as he can get home to Connecticut each night.


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