IDW Shows Will’s Adventures in the Upside Down

IDW today is releasing their first comic based on the Netflix juggernaut series Stranger Things. The Hollywood Report broke the story that Will Byers’s adventures in the Upside Down will be revealed in the illustrated media by writer Jody Houser and artists Stefano Martino and Keith Champagne.

When asked why this particular story was sourced for a comic book adaptation, Houser stated, “We had a list of possible story ideas from Netflix, and seeing Will’s side of the events of season one was the concept that jumped out to me the most. Getting to explore both the Upside Down and a character we didn’t get to see much of that season sounded like a blast to write, and something that I know I’d want to read as a fan.

To tease things a little more, here’s a motion comic preview of the first issue!

Houser previously penned the Orphan Black comic and will helm the future comic outings of the new Doctor in Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor.


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