Kirk & Optimus Prime Team Up to Battle Decpitcons & Klingons!

What happens when Filmation‘s Star Trek crew and G1 Transformers come together? Possibly the greatest science fiction comic book team up since that time Marmaduke swapped places with Chewbacca in my weird fanfic.

SyFy Wire got a preview of the mega event showing off Philip Murphy’s faithful recapturing of the distinct art styles of both TV series. The story itself is written by John Barber and Mike Johnson, who pen the individual runs of each series.

Limited to a run of just four issues, the sci-fi combo “finds finds the USS Enterprise near the Klingon Empire and called on to investigate a strange disturbance at a remote dilithium mine on Cygnus Seven. When a landing party is beamed down to the surface, they discover swarms of self-flying Transformer jets and helicopters buzzing the compound. The Enterprise crew must contend with these shape-shifting robots of Cybertron and receive aid from a familiar flat-nosed semi truck that rolls in to save the day from this Autobot and Decepticon clash.

The inaugural issue of the Star Trek vs. Transformers comic is currently available via print or digital at IDW’s official site.