Jason Posey’s ‘Site 22’ Expands on SCP Lore

Chasing that Hollywood dream enters into everyone’s mind at least once; I can probably prove it scientifically. We all have stories we want to tell or see come to life with the help of talented actors, directors, and effects teams. Not all of us, though, have the courage to make that trek out West and turn the dream into a reality. I do know one man, however, who threw caution to the wind and left the Sunshine State to make a name for himself.

Many years ago I was working at a construction company with a young man named Jason Posey. Having been in the entertainment industry for a while before I retired, I did relay my wise words to him that to make it in Hollywood, there’s a huge amount of sacrifice that has to be made. You literally have to live, breath, drink, sweat, and cry solely for that town if you want to “make it.” Posey wasn’t deterred. I remember when he handed in his notice, got a few sideways remarks from fellow co-workers and headed off.

Now, after years of hard work, he has acted in and produced two TV series and a short film. Now, given that we’re a genre site, I’ll focus on what our readers come here for … sci-fi and horror!

Jason’s short film Site 22 deals with subject matter regarding the sprawling lexicon of horrifying beasts and haunted objects known as the SCP Foundation. I won’t spoil things for you, but feel free to watch the short film below. Then, why don’t you follow that rabbit hole known as Secure, Contain, Protect and let us know what you favorite “item” is.