Exclusive: John Massari Visits the Killer Klowns at Halloween Horror Nights

This is the final week to attend Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights! To celebrate the largest incarnation of the event to date, we sat down with composer John Massari. Both his original synthesized and new orchestral score for the cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space were on display for everyone to hear at the scare zone featuring the aforementioned intergalactic villains.

How well did Universal represent the colorful comedic killers? What was it like hearing his music played for thousands every day? Find out below.

In other Massari news, the maestro currently has an Indiegogo campaign underway to release a vinyl edition of the Wizard of Speed and Time score. Sitting at 65% funding with 14 days left, this crowdfunding effort will see the iconic soundtrack for the world’s most unknown filmmaker’s passion project pressed on Wizard Green vinyl.


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