‘Scream 4’ Having a Rough Time

It looks as if the ‘Scream 4’ production is falling apart. Reportedly, screenwriter Kevin Williamson has dropped out of the production and has been replaced by ‘Scream 3’ writer Ehren Kruger. It is being reported that Williamson is no longer involved with the series, and the changes being made since his departure are the reason that many actors are dropping out.

One source says that Lauren Graham’s character was to be “a fun role. Not big, but it had some meaty scenes.” When Kruger got his hands on it “the part was reduced. She had like four lines.”

Lake Bell’s original deputy sheriff role has also seen major cuts, and Hayden Panettiere is said to be “beyond frustrated with the changes” because her character “used to be really sharp” but has been “dumbed down significantly”.

According to another source, ‘The script changes have put a real strain on the cast. The original ‘Scream’ cast members aren’t happy with the way that things are happening, so it’s probably a good thing that [Graham] dropped out before things get messy.”

It appears even Wes Craven, the director, is not immune, as he tweeted recently, “I have not been given control of the script. #SCREAM4”

And another source close to the project had the following to say, “Yes, Ehren Kruger has been brought in to do a bit of polishing. But no, Williamson isn’t “out” by any means. As you know, he’s also working hard on the second season of Vampire Diaries for the CW. While he’s away fulfilling his commitments on that show, the production called upon Kruger to assist on the script. Some chatter about Lauren Graham’s departure has made it sound like she wasn’t thrilled with the sequel, however, it was another case of production scheduling and she’s off to work on Parenthood.”

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