‘The Notebook’ Is Getting the Musical Treatment on Broadway

Fans of The Notebook are rejoicing today as news broke that one of our all-time favorite romance movies is getting the Broadway treatment.

Not only is the story coming to life on Broadway, it’s doing so with Ingrid Michaelson writing the music and Bekah Brunstetter, executive producer on This Is Us and playwriter, writing the book. We’ve cried because of Michaelson and Brunstetter’s work in the past, so we’ll undoubtedly be emotional seeing their story come to life on Broadway.

While co-hosting Today with Hoda Kotb, Ingrid Michaelson broke the news and she was as excited to say it as we all were to hear it.

After her announcement, one of the best scenes from The Notebook aired and we had to take a moment. Allie confronted Noah about those letters he ‘never sent’, and in the pouring rain (because obviously) he told her he wrote her every single day for a year. They proceeded to go back to being that perfectly imperfect couple we grew to love and the rest was history.

On writing for the Broadway show, Michaelson had this to say about the experience.

‘When I was approached about working on The Notebook I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom and cry and come back into the meeting. I have loved the movie and the story for so many years now that the idea of turning it into a musical overwhelmed me.’

She went on to talk about the kind of devotion Noah and Allie share and how that meant a lot to her personally.

‘The concept of unending devotion and love wrapped up in memory and family is something very close to my own personal life. The story sings to me so perfectly. I actually started writing that very night of the first meeting, before I even had the job! I cannot wait for the world to hear these characters come to life in a musical way.’

Michaelson has been working on the project for over a year, and today was the first day she could discuss it openly, so we expect more information to follow in the coming days. For now, however, the knowledge that The Notebook is hitting Broadway is enough for us.

Are you a major fan of Nicholas Sparks? Is The Notebook one of your favorite romance books/films? Let us know.


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