Avengers: Infinity War Rewatch – 9 Stand Out Moments

There are times when you see a film, either in the theater or the comfort of your own home, and you’re taken on a pleasant movie journey. There may be some ups and downs, some unexpected dramatic turns, but overall, you know what to expect, and it’s not total and complete heartache.

Then, there are movies like Avengers: Infinity War that can make you laugh, cry, believe in the good guys winning, and then lose all of that hope within the span of several seconds.

When we left the theater for the first – of several – showings of Avengers: Infinity War that we attended, we were in tears. When we left the third, fifth, and even tenth time, the outcome was no different. Each time we saw the movie, there was another level of depth to the story. There was more…be it more power, more struggle, or more pain.

With all of that being said, after seeing the movie an embarrassing number of times in theaters, we took a few months and indulged in some films that were more lighthearted, before diving back into Infinity War.

When we finally watched the movie again last night, we noticed a few things.

First…that movie will always leave us in a state of emotional turmoil. It isn’t one of those films that gets easier with time. Second…it might sound strange to say, but we really enjoy watching the movie (emotional distress and all), and third…there’s a little bit of magic that exists within the MCU.

That magic is what makes it possible for fans to return to these movies time and time again and to feel like you’ve experienced something new, no matter how many times you’ve seen them. There are so many layers to the characters and their stories, you can find new stand out moments every time you tune in.

With the countdown on to Avengers: Endgame (103 days, to be exact), we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite standout moments from Infinity War.

Pirate Angel

In the midst of a stressful movie, Thor being described as a pirate angel was a welcome distraction. Fans got to take a moment away from the impending doom at the hands of Thanos and admire all that Thor is.

Plus, we’ve never heard a more accurate description of Thor…or Chris Hemsworth, to be honest.

Groot saved Thor

When Thor was ensuring that a weapon worthy of fighting Thanos would be born, he knew he had to do everything in his power to create it. That led to Thor lying on the ground and an audience nearly in tears assuming we’d lose him, too.

Groot saw what was going on around him, knowing Thor needed the hammer to pull through, he swallowed his fear (quite literally) and took off his own arm to make the weapon come together. It’s an understated moment in the film, but an important one.

Every moment had to happen precisely the way that it did for this battle to be lost…in hopes, of course, of winning the war.

You’re an Avenger

There were a lot of heartwrenching moments through the Infinity War film. Some of them were easier on the heart than others, one of which was, in fact, rather heartwarming.

When Tony told Spider-Man he was an Avenger now, we cried. Just look at that pride.

Thanos’ sacrifice

When we first heard Redskull tell Thanos that a soul must be sacrificed for the soul stone, we had a split second where Gamora’s thought process was just the same as ours. How could Thanos love anyone enough to sacrifice them? Then…we realized that he did, in his own twisted way, and we saw it happen in bits and pieces.

His love for Gamora wasn’t what she deserved, he killed everyone important to her, but in his mind…he was doing the right thing. In his life, she was the only love he knew.

We hoped he’d find it within himself to stop right then, but we knew better. Almost without a second thought at all, he sacrificed Gamora for the soul stone – and it was heartbreaking.

Scarlet Witch holding Thanos off

While the moments surrounding this show of strength were tragic in ways we weren’t prepared for, we just have to say…Scarlet Witch is a badass. Thanos is strong…fierce…a force to be reckoned with, and Scarlet held him off. She used her strength and, quite frankly, the love she has for Vision to try to save his life. We tear up just watching this gif.

THAT almost death

We have to admit, there were a few moments during the film where we had to remind ourselves to breathe. One of which was the moment Tony almost lost his life at the hands of Thanos. Thanos caused us all a lot of emotional grief, but this one was almost too much.

Seeing Iron Man and Thanos engaged in battle was epic, but seeing him get stabbed…and the look of realization and then anguish on his face…we could have lived without that.

The hug heard round the world

When the trailer for Infinity War premiered one of the most talked about moments was the Bucky and Steve reunion. When Steve last saw Bucky, he was entering the freeze chamber in Wakanda, so it was clearly a welcome change to see his best friend looking alive and well – even if it was in preparation for the end of the world.

Thor, Rocket, and Groot arrive in Wakanda

This was an entrance to talk about, not just in this movie, but in the MCU as a whole. While the Avengers and the soldiers in Wakanda were holding off Thanos’ Black Order – things really escalated when Thor, Rocket, and Groot arrived – in a good way.

THAT Dr. Strange quote

‘We’re in the endgame now’.

Just sitting in the theater, hearing Dr. Strange say this for the first time was thrilling. Knowing now that Dr. Strange’s quote had a lot to do with the title of the next movie gives us goosebumps. While all of the heroes in Infinity War dealt with a great deal of loss and pain, Dr. Strange had to suffer something very unique. He had to view a number of different futures to see if there was any way Thanos could be stopped. He had to view 14,000,605 in fact, which means he had to see his loved ones die over 14 million times – that is a heavy heavy weight to carry on one set of shoulders.


Have you rewatched Avengers: Infinity War lately? If so, what were your favorite moments this time around? Let us know.


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