‘That’s Not A Knife’ Lights Upon the Struggles Actors Face

The life of an up-and-coming actor is not easy. Throughout the years we’ve spoken to many in the business and the term “struggle” surfaces more than a few times. The dream to be a star in Hollywood takes a lot of sacrifice, both of one’s finances and of their soul. Sometimes there’s a payout. Other times many years are lost leaving behind a disillusioned husk. As the song ‘There’s a Magic Place’ goes, “Is it worth the pain and strife to sacrifice your private life? Risk your friends and true love dream for minutes on a silver screen?”

Aussie Shaun A. Robinson looks to chronicle the journey of the would-be stars in a documentary titled That’s Not A Knife. The project, which takes its name from a certain classic Paul Hogan film, shows the rough life that is often hidden behind the makeup, lights, and glamour of the film industry.



The film’s inspiration – it might go without saying- is Paul Hogan. The legendary actor is one of Australia’s biggest exports, and became a household name with his irresistible comic performance in Crocodile Dundee in 1986, helping pave the way for many Aussie actors who followed in his footsteps. Aussie actors such as Robinson, who, very much like Hogan, made his Hollywood debut at a later stage in life (Shaun was 35 when he started acting).

The documentary includes sit-downs with such talent as Aaron Jeffries (‘’McLeod’s Daughters’’, Chopper, The Operator), Shane Connor (‘’Neighbours’’, ‘’Fire’’), Christian Isaiah (‘’Shameless’’), and Kym Jackson (Ten Days in the Valley).


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