Robert Downey Jr. Enlists the Science Bros to Help Captain America

If you’re a fan of the MCU, specifically of Steve Rogers, you know that there are times Chris Evans absolutely takes on the persona of Cap like it’s second nature. It’s almost like he was born to take on the role of Steve Rogers.

From their compassionate hearts to their fight for what’s right and the way they’ve embodied what it means to be heroic – in the most important ways – Chris and Steve are one and the same, and not just because Steve is a character that Chris plays.

It’s not uncommon for fans of Captain America to react to Chris’ tweets and share that same sentiment with him, either. If you look under almost anything he posts to social media, you’ll see fans telling him he really is Steve Rogers, or that he really does act like our own personal Captain America. It says a lot about his character and who he is.

There are also times when Chris channels a Steve Rogers in a way that makes us laugh. Sometimes it seems that he’d rather times be simple and move a little slower and be a little more authentic. While that isn’t funny in itself, it’s actually rather charming, the way he shows this sure does make us giggle.

In a tweet yesterday, Chris was as frustrated as the rest of us often get when he asked about the good ol’ 90s when electronics weren’t in a race to be ‘the smartest’ which often leaves us feeling quite dumb.

While we are guilty of using our smartphones daily, we agree that it can all be just a little too much.

In a response that is just so fitting, Robert Downey Jr called on Mark Ruffalo for some very specific help.

Mark Ruffalo got in on the action too and reminded Cap to watch his language.

Cap himself responded and he’s all for getting some help from the science bros.

With the premiere of Avengers: Endgame just over 100 days away, it’s really starting to set in that the MCU as we know it is about to change, and radically. It warms our hearts to see interaction like this and to know just how much the actors who bring our favorite heroes to life have truly enjoyed the experience.

We’re not emotional, you are.


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