TK Cooper: Standing On Broken Legs

TK Cooper

He stood on a turnbuckle and took a leap…backwards…flipping…and not landing the way he intended. TK Cooper was surrounded with the cheers of adoring fans eating up his latest display of daredevil athleticism. Little they know he had blown out both his legs in his death-defying aerial assault. As time passed the breath was taken from the room as the first PROGRESS show in New York City came to a halt. As owner and fearless leader of PROGRESS Jim Smallman informed the audience that TK was conscious and headed to the back shoulders of nervous audience members relaxed and a question was asked collectively among relieved New Yorkers was asked: “What is next for TK Cooper?”

One of those audience members was FanBolt’s senior wrestling correspondent Brendan Sokler who was worried as all get out and relieved to have the opportunity at PROGRESS’s second U.S. show to talk to none other than TK Cooper! We caught up with TK and picked his brain on his injury, British Wrestling, PROGRESS, and how to get back up when you have come crashing down…and it hurts inside.