A Dragon Con Interview With Eddie McClintock. Meet Your Masquerade Co-Host!

Eddie McClintock

Dragon Con always attracts the some of the best and brightest of sci-fi stars, and in my years of attending, volunteering, and covering the convention, I’ve found few guests as unfailingly awesome to be around as this year’s Masquerade emcee, Eddie McClintock. His co-hosting of one of Dragon Con’s most anticipated events garnered rave reviews from fans, with many on both Twitter and Reddit calling for his return to the hosting spot in future years!

McClintock took time out from his busy con schedule to talk to the press about his current projects, favorite roles, and Dragon Con experiences. One thing that he’s known for at Dragon Con is his custom t-shirt designs done especially for the fans of his hit Syfy show, Warehouse 13. The shirts are a Dragon Con tradition, with con attendees collecting new shirt designs each year at McClintock’s booth on the Walk of Fame. This year’s shirt is called “True Blue,” which is, as he puts it, “nod from me to the fans in appreciation for how committed and True Blue they are as fans to the show.” Not gonna lie, of the shirts I’ve collected myself, this year’s design ranks right up at the top!

Of the con itself, McClintock says that he “likes the energy of Dragon Con – the fact that this many people come and just go insane with their fandom.” Ditto the chance to see old castmates and talk about Warehouse 13, the fans of which remain passionate despite the show’s cancellation in 2014.

As to what’s coming down the pipeline, McClintock recently wrapped on the production of a Lifetime-esque thriller, My Stepfather’s Secret. He’s taking on the role of another villainous character, now that his last turn as a bad guy, Jack Payne of Shooter, is now no more. McClintock said of the role that he “tried to creep it up as much as possible,” a noted departure from his light-hearted and lovable Pete Lattimer role.

My Stepfather’s Secret is in post-production as of this writing, so keep an eye out for release dates! We’re also a ways away from Dragon Con’s guest list announcements for 2019, but we hope to see Eddie McClintock back next year on both the panels and the Masquerade stage!