Super-bowl 53 Kicks off with An Avengers: Endgame Teaser

Avengers Endgame

Every year, the Superbowl brings fans of football together for an epic playoff game. Through the season, teams fight for the chance to call themselves the best of the best. For some, it’s just a game but for others, it’s a massive event – a celebrated one.

Fans of pop culture know all about celebrated events, in fact, we’re looking forward to one happening in April. When Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters, we left each showing in tears – hearts broken as we watched our favorite heroes fall to Thanos’ ‘idea’ of the way the world should work. We saw best friends dissipate in front of one another. We saw loved ones forced to say goodbye in ways too heartbreaking to bring up. We saw family watch each other fall at the hands of the biggest evil the Avengers have faced.

So when we saw the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame, we were thrilled. The heroes that survived Thanos’ snap aren’t going to take this one lying down. They’re standing tall…for the most part…and they’re figuring out how to fight back.

Tonight, as we sat down to watch the Superbowl, we were thrilled to see that we got a sneak peek at Avengers: Endgame – and it featured our favorite, Captain America, pretty heavily.

If the sneak peek itself wasn’t exciting enough, the words that narrated it are. ‘Some people move on, but not us’.

The Avengers aren’t moving on, they’re not forgetting…and if we have to guess, they certainly aren’t going to play nice.

You can see Avengers: Endgame in theaters on April 26th.


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