‘Captain Marvel’ Goes Higher, Further, Faster in Super Bowl 53 TV Spot

While we’re definitely keeping up with the Patriots and the Rams during tonight’s big game – ’tis the reason and all that, we’re also keeping our eyes peeled for previews for some of our most anticipated pop culture moments in 2019.

For us, a lot of that is coming from Marvel – namely Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. The Superbowl kicked off with a preview into the latter, and not long after, we got a peek into the Captain Marvel realm as well.

As a true force to be reckoned with, Captain Marvel is bringing with her a lot of hope and promise as she enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To be honest, her entrance couldn’t be coming at a better time.

She’s also bringing with her a kickass powerful persona that’s making us all hope to be like her when we grow up!

In the TV Spot during Superbowl 53, we see Captain Marvel going higher, further, and faster than ever before – and she’s taking Nick Fury with her.

While we’re totally stoked for everything she’s bringing to the game, we’re especially excited about her relationship with Fury. He’s got a sense of snark and sarcasm that it seems she’s going to match quite perfectly. In fact, she might even outdo him.

Looks like we’ll all be trying to keep up.

You can see Captain Marvel in theaters on March 8th, and tickets are available now.


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