‘Red’ Trailer + Comic Con Panel

Cast members from Red appeared at Comic Con last Thursday to talk with fans about their film which hits theaters on October 10.

In attendance were Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Warren Ellis, Robert Schwentke, and others attached to the project. We’ve got the highlights and most memorable quotes from the panel for you below!

Comic Con Panel Highlights

– Warren Ellis seemed thrilled with how the film turned out and elaborated quite a bit.

– Helen Mirren on action scenes – “Shooting a gun was all I had to do really.”

– When asked why Mirren decided to join on to the project she replied, “Not The Queen, Bruce Willis, machine gun, evening dress. Got to do it.”

– Mirren also talked about the floor experience at Comic Con and getting to really be there with the fans. How Americans aren’t like the Brits, they get to be “enthusiastic and obsessed,” “kind of an innocence”, and said she liked being able to get “down and dirty with fans.”

– Ellis: “There is not going to be a film this year with a cast of this quality.”

– When mentioned that the film explores the conception that heroes are over 50, Bruce Willis replied, “No one on this film is over 50…”

– Mirren: “I’m a virgin no more. I got ravished (by Comic Con)”.

– Willis: “I have a fond place in my heart for graphic novels.”

– When asked if there was anything that scared them, Willis replied,”No.” Willis also mentioned that he was more afraid of making a mistake raising his daughters than a mistake doing a film. Mirren replied she’s “frightened all the time actually.” Also mentioning she’s scared of “rubbish in New York. Where does it all go?” ad that she’s really just afraid of plastic.

Reporting By: Emma Loggins & Alexandra Pauley


The film’s trailer played closing out the panel, which we have for you guys below!


Comic Con Press Panel for Red

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