Captain Marvel Embodies #MondayMotivation in New Video Clip

Some people appear to embrace Mondays with open arms and bright smiles, while others (including ourselves) need a little extra coffee and patience to really kick off the beginning of a new week.

We often find ourselves looking for motivation each Monday, through our favorite songs, quotes, and television/movie icons. It’s a little easier, for us, because we truly love what we do, and part of our job is to immerse ourselves in all things pop culture.

Today, we found our Monday Motivation in a new video showcasing Brie Larson and how she trained to become Captain Marvel.

It’s not just the training that will motivate you, it’s the passion and spirit she brings to the role and how excited she is to be taking on such an iconic character.

The Marvel realm houses our favorite superheroes. From Captain America and the Winter Soldier to Black Widow and Scarlet Witch (just to name a few), the heroes that exist there embody power and strength in every sense of the word – not just physically.

Their stories, while full of hope and love to loss and pain, are both relatable and inspiring.

Captain Marvel is sure to be no different as she makes her way into the MCU, as fans of Marvel comics know, and have long been rooting for the hero.

Here is the video showing Brie Larson’s transition into Captain Marvel, and the strength she exudes.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 7th, with fan events happening around the country on March 6th. Tickets are available for purchase, now.


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