Matt Czuchry and Jane Leeves Talk ‘The Resident’, Filming in Atlanta, and More at SCAD aTVFest 2019

The Resident - SCAD aTVFest 2019

SCAD’s aTVFest 2019 just wrapped earlier this month in Atlanta, and FanBolt’s Mike McKinney had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Czuchry and Jane Leeves, stars of the Atlanta filmed The Resident to talk about the their characters, the series, and filming in Atlanta. (And yes, Mike had specific instructions to talk Gilmore Girls with Matt – so we have that too!)

I have to tell you, I’m a big ‘Gilmore Girls’ fan.

Matt: Oh, thank you so much!

I do have to tell you that I am team Jess.

Matt: No problem! (Laughs)

I was at the ‘Gilmore Girls’ reunion at the ATX Television Festival a couple of years ago in Austin.

Matt: Yeah, we didn’t know at the time we were going to do the reunion show. Amy Sherman-Palladino hadn’t come up with the idea yet.

I think because everyone in the cast that was there was so enthusiastic about doing a reunion show it gave Amy the idea that maybe she should do one.

Matt: I not sure when she came up with the idea to do one but it was amazing after nine years to come back together to a show that we loved.

Well let’s chat about ‘The Resident.’ Tell us about your character on the show. He is certainly a rebel. He will do anything he can for his patients.

Matt: I play Conrad Hawkins. He is an internist and he really is the voice of the audience. He puts his patients first above all else.

He is a maverick in that way. He is all about doing whatever it takes for his patients. Going around the system or going through the system to protect his patients. And also, never giving up on his patients. He is always trying to come up with new ideas in terms of treatment. He is always thinking outside the box to come up with methods of treatment. He uses his military training as a medic to do seat of his pants medicine. He always gives it his all for his patients and the hospital.

You have a protagonist in the Chief of Staff who is now running the hospital.

Matt: Yeah, Dr. Randolph Bell, played by Bruce Greenwood. Yeah, he just got promoted to CEO of the hospital and the show kind of gives us a global peek into how the system affects patients, how it affects doctors and nurses. It shows how doctors and nurses are accountable but also how the system works.

And you have a love interest on the show.

Matt: Yes, Nicolette Nevin played by Emily VanCamp. Yeah, Nic has had an up and down relationship with Conrad. They have a personal relationship but also a professional one too because she is a nurse. They have a teamwork relationship on how they care and help their patients get better.

There are a couple of dramas on going on the show. You have a doctor, played by Melina Kanakaredes, who has been arrested for treating cancer patients with treatment that they didn’t need so she could make money off them. And a medical supply salesperson, played by Violett Beane who has mysteriously gone missing.

Matt: What I think is great about this show is why it is a procedural show, where each episode has cases that close at the end of the episode. But also we have an ongoing story about medical devices and how they are sold to hospitals. I think this ongoing storyline makes our show stand out from other shows about doctors.

Jane, can you tell us a little bit about your character?

Jane: I play Doctor Kitt Voss who is an orthopedic surgeon. She doesn’t take anybody’s nonsense. She is ninety percent work and only ten percent personal. She is a woman who is dedicated to her career and loves what she does. She is kind and compassionate. She is a force of nature. Orthopedics is traditionally a man’s occupation. Thee are many women who do orthopedic surgery because it takes a certain amount of strength and finesse. I think that perfectly sums her up, she has strength and finesse.

What do you enjoy most about working on this series?

Jane: The cast is just extraordinary. I started on the show this season and I was so pleased with the welcome that I got. When I first got on the set, Bruce Greenwood came running up to me and gave me a hug. I told him, I am so scared to be on this show with all of these serious actors, I’m used to doing comedy. And he said to me, you aren’t going to take this seriously! And that sort of broke the ice. I have been having a blast on the set.

Did you do any research on being an orthopedic surgeon or do you just rely on the medical consultant that is on set?

Jane: No, I did research and I spoke to a female orthopedic surgeon to get some insight on just how tough the job is. I watch many surgeries and read a lot about the job so that I had the information on what it is like in that world.

How have you enjoyed filming here in Atlanta?

Jane: I love Atlanta. You know what is extraordinary is our crew. They are magnificent. You can’t do a show without a crew and the passion and professionalism of our crew is just amazing.


A huge thank you to Matt and Jane for their time – and to SCAD aTVFest for letting us chat with the cast!

The Resident airs on Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SCAD aTVfest 2019

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