‘Shadowhunters’ 3.11 Recap and Review: Lost Souls


Wow. After almost an entire year of waiting, ‘Shadowhunters’ is back! And they are back with a vengeance. I was hooked from the moment it began and I think I’m still sitting in awe over everything that happened! It’s hard to believe that a show with so much to offer and so much amazing representation is on the chopping block. But we know in our hearts that Shadowhunters will be picked up and taken care of like the pure perfection it is by another network. After this episode, I don’t see how any network could say no.

Jace was the absolute epitome of reckless, enraged, and heartbroken all into one and my heart is still hurting for him. It was pretty clear that he allowed that Seelie to get the better of him. Jace is so much better than that and if I hadn’t already been worried about him, this would have been the event that pushed me over the edge. The bond between Izzy and Jace was absolutely incredible. It isn’t a relationship that is showcased often. It’s certainly one that could due to be showcased more. I know they are close, but Jace has always been shown as being so much closer to Alec that I feel a little deprived of the relationship between Jace and Izzy. More, please!

Watching how everyone dealt with the loss of Clary had me completely in tears. But I do have to admit that watching some of my favorite characters come together in their time of grieving was a beautiful thing. The way they support each other is incredible and an absolute testament to how much they’ve grown since this show began. It wasn’t surprising to see Jace, Izzy, and Simon reacting to Clary’s death the way they did. And it wasn’t entirely shocking to see Alec grieve for her, but I find myself always a little surprised at the deep affection Alec truly has for Clary. He just hides it so well that those genuine moments he shows always hit me right in the heart.

While I think we all knew Clary wasn’t dead, seeing the situation she was in with Jonathan was still surprising. All the way in Siberia?! Talk about ends of the Earth. Naturally, Clary didn’t waste much time in attempting an escape. But, of course, it didn’t take Jonathan long to find her and force her to come back with him. I insist that the only reason he was able to do this was because of the weak state Clary was in. Finding out how bonded Clary and Jonathan truly are after she attempts to stab him was horrifying. Just when I thought Clary’s situation couldn’t get worse. But the fact that Luke hasn’t stopped looking for Clary was yet another moment in this episode that had me tearing up. He will never give up on her and his hope would give me hope if I wasn’t already sure Clary was alive. And even though Jace clearly didn’t want to let himself believe that Clary was alive, I saw that look in his eye. It’s too late, he is hopeful. Which is good since Clary is alive.

Now on to one of my favorite subjects, Malec. Every single moment between them was incredible. Even when Magnus refused a kiss from Alec, I was still grinning like a fool. As a matter of fact, I’m grinning just thinking about it. Then there was the scene between Alec and Madzie that completely melted my heart. Could Magnus and Alec be more perfect? I don’t think so. But they gave it their best shot when things got crazy and I was a bit afraid for Magnus. Alec came in to save the day and I was squealing along with every other Malec fan out there. The chat between Magnus and Alec after the rescue literally had me sighing out loud. How have these two managed to turn me into a complete sap?

Things between Simon and Maia are clearly coming to an end as well. Could that be my wishful thinking for Sizzy? Probably. But I’m owning it because I’m ready to see where things go between Simon and Izzy. Plus, Maia clearly has other things to deal with as long as she has the mark of Cain. But I do have to thank her for persisting that Simon goes and meet with Raphael. I certainly missed him and I hope it isn’t the last time we see him this season. He can be a real butthead sometimes, but I still love him.

If this is what I have to look forward to, what we all have to look forward to, for the rest of the season then I’m ready. What I’m not ready is for Shadowhunters to ever end, but I’m still refusing to believe that’s the case. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait for everyone to realize Clary is alive, but I’m also worried about how she’s going to act and who she’s going to be when she does finally make her return. And while I definitely felt all of the Malec feels, it’s just never enough and I want more. So much more. All the Malec feels.


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