‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ Review: A Magical Animated Action Film

Ruben Brandt Collector Review

‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ is directed, written and drawn by Milorad Krstić, a Budapest multimedia artist. The film is made up of a bunch of different film styles, including film noir, with action sequences that are reminiscent of a ‘Die Hard’ or ‘Oceans Eleven’ type of storyline. Ruben (voiced by Iven Kanaras) is a psychotherapist that uses artwork to treat his patients. Ruben has a big problem, he is haunted by his nightmares where famous works of art come to life and try to kill him. The nightmares keep getting worse and worse, so bad that Ruben is worried that he will go mad because of them. We do eventually learn why Ruben is having these nightmares, and it is a really interesting reason and we also learn who is responsible for Ruben getting these nightmares.

Rueben is treating a kleptomaniac cat burglar named Mimi (voiced by Gabriella Hamon). Very early on we see Mimi break into a museum to steal a diamond for a local mobster. Instead, she steals Cleopatra’s decorated fan and is chased through the streets of Paris by a private detective named Mike (Caaba Marton). The chase is thrilling as it goes from a foot race in the museum to the car chase that is intensely thrilling and then on a boat where Mike finally catches Mimi and has to decide to either arrest her or save the fan that Mimi has thrown into the water.

Mimi decides the only way Ruben will find peace is if she steals the actual paintings that Ruben dreams about. With three other patients of Ruben, Mimi goes around the world stealing some of the most famous paintings like a variation of Andy Warhol’s Eight Elvises; ‘ The news media starts calling the thief ‘The Collector’ because they are stealing painting that can’t even be sold on the black market because of their fame and how expensive they are valued at.

This English speaking animated film has a unique feel and look. All the characters look like they belong to a Picasso painting. Some characters have three eyes or two faces, Some characters are one dimensional and can slide under doors. It is fun to see what the next famous painting will come to life in Ruben’s nightmares. Even if you aren’t an art lover you will recognize most of the paintings because they are so iconic.

The film is fun and sometimes funny as the thieves travel around the world breaking into some of the most famous museum/s. The nightmares of Ruben are truly scary and just might give you nightmares of your own. The storyline is smart and creative. I loved how we slowly discover why Ruben is having his nightmares. The action sequences are well executed and are thrilling to watch as Mimi makes escape after escape all while looking great and kicking bad guy’s butts. I loved the cat and mouse game that Mimi and Mike have as Mimi steals painting after painting, each theft a little more dangerous and Mike determined to catch her.

‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ is a wild ride that feels more like a James Bond film filled with incredibly quirky characters, some of which you will fall in love with. The film is a thrilling adventure in the shady world of art thieves and the detective who is trying to stop them.

Ruben Brandt, Collector Review

My Rating: Full Price

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1. I Would Pay to See it Again
2. Full Price
3. Bargain Matinee
4. Cable
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