‘TRON: LEGACY’ Comic Con 2010 Panel

TRON: LEGACY was one of the biggest panels at Comic Con this year. With key cast members including Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, Bruce Boxleitner — and TRON directors new (Joe Kosinski) and old (Steven Lisberger) on hand.

We have the highlights from the press panel for you below!

  • When asked what it was like to wear the suits, Olivia Wile replied, “It was amazing.” Michael Sheen then replied, “It was amazing to watching Olivia in…”
  • Wilde talked about how the Daft Punk music really helped to set the tone of scenes.
  • Sheen was asked what it was like being at Comic Con because he’s such a fanboy. He made the joke that this Comic Con was all about him, and we’d see him later as King of Comic Con, that they did TRON just so he could be there.
  • When asked beyond technology, what legacy would this film leave. – “The first film is about what technology “might” do, not what technology “would” do. This time is about how technology brings us together, but also about the dark side of technology where it keeps us apart.”
  • They wore dance belts – Sheen, “The first male thong.”
  • The premise is that after the first film, Jeff was lost up the data stream. Jeff Bridges was the inspiration that got this sequel made.
  • Sheen talked about how it wasn’t “Action!,” they said “Light ’em up!” and “Action” and then the room would go “ping (with all the suits),” and you would forget to act.

Photos from the TRON: LEGACY press panel:

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