‘Shadowhunters’ 3.12 Recap and Review: Original Sin


Wow. I cannot express my love for this episode. It literally had all of my favorite things. Not only Malec, but a Malec training scene! Not only Clace, but a beautiful Clace reunion! And not just Sizzy, but an emotionally driven Sizzy moment that had me in tears. I am still recovering!

Jonathan isn’t the only one that can manipulate, as Clary is able to convince him to take her with him and get some art supplies. In their new location, Paris! There are many moments that I wish Jonathan wasn’t so creepy and evil because how cool would a sibling trip to Paris be?! But he clearly has not so brotherly feelings toward Clary and it freaks me out. And Jonathan is holding Clary against her will, so there’s that.

Anyway, I’m going to skip talking about the part where Jonathan tried to peep on his sister, because ew. Just ew. I will say I not only loved Clary’s kicking outfit, but her disguise of a short, black bob was pretty on point. But Clary never stopped thinking of her escape and my adrenaline jolted every time I thought she was about to take a chance. The moment Clary was able to spot another Shadowhunter, I almost lost it! This was the moment she would escape, and I just knew it! But Jonathan was clearly on the rampage after already killing an antique dealer and he killed the French Shadowhunter as well. Crap.

But Luke and Jace were pretty close on Clary’s trail and the fact that neither of them was willing to give up had my heart all aflutter. From traveling to Siberia and following the tracks even after things looked bleak, they never stopped moving and I loved every second of it. Plus, Luke and Jace bonding is something I’m always here for. When they get a lead, they contact Magnus and Alec and I love a team up.

Speaking of Malec, I really need to talk about them. Waking up together, breakfast, I was all about it. But then came that training session and I still don’t know what to do with myself. This relationship just continues blossoming and my feels are constantly on overload with them. Even when Magnus was acting like he needed to do everything at the quickest pace possible, Alec is so understanding, open, and honest with him about how he feels. The conversation they had about it was so amazing and just showed me once more why they are so perfect for each other.

Izzy and Simon had some really cute moments despite the fact that they were in some pretty gross tunnels. The smile Simon has for Izzy when she was scared of the rat gave me all the feels. All of them, I say. The entire reveal of Cain and Abel had my mind in overdrive, but Simon and Izzy remained determined, heading to the Seelie Queen. I can always rely on the Seelie Queen to captain my ships, intentionally or not. Because she led Simon to almost die and seemed to enjoy telling Izzy he needed blood to survive. Izzy held her own wrist above Simon’s as she held him in her arms and allowed him to drink her blood. If that isn’t love.

Then the moment I have been waiting for. Jace, Alec, and Luke found Clary and I was cheering. Stabbing herself in the leg in order to get away from Jonathan was such a brave and Clary move. The look on Jace’s face before he ran to her was so amazing and their reunion may have had me in tears. May have. I’m never telling. But what I will tell you is that this episode was a wild and magical ride. If this is what the rest of the season holds, I’m going to need a support group!