‘Shadowhunters’ 3.13 Recap and Review: Beati Bellicosi


This episode was a doozy and definitely left me wanting more! Clary reunited with her family and everyone put their heads together to figure things out. But, I’m sure the hits aren’t done coming!

Watching Izzy wake up in Simon’s apartment with him making her tea felt ridiculously domestic. And I loved every second of it. There is just such a strong connection between these two. I’m ready for them to get together. After Simon clears the air with Maia. They both deserve that.

Luckily, they were both clearly on the same page and I was relieved to see them finally sit down and chat. It was long overdue. While I was a little anxious to see where the conversation would go, I shouldn’t have worried. Simon and Maia are so level headed and they realized that they will always cherish what they had. But things have changed and so have they.

Speaking of what people deserve, Luke and Maryse both deserve to be happy. I’m completely fine if that means they are happy together. As a matter of fact, that sounds perfect to me. What a power couple they will be! Watching them work together had me sighing at how adorable they were.

They also obviously make a seriously badass team. And that kiss had me melting. It was so adorable and so clearly what the two of them needed. Some serious stress relieving needs to happen for both Luke and Maryse and it’s clear they can do that for each other. I’m here for it.

Alec and Izzy proved their sibling bond was as strong as ever and they had me swooning. Letting her know that he was right there by her side and supporting her had me tearing up. He’s such a great big brother. It was clearly something Izzy needed to hear as well. She’s so strong and working so hard and deserves to have that support.

Heidi attacked and killed Nick, and I’ve got to say, that is not the way to get me on her side. To make matters even worse, she lies and says the werewolves attacking her for no reason. Thank goodness Griffin seemed to at least know better than that.

Simon has really stepped up to the plate with so many things. But watching him refuse to let Jordan go after Heidi alone had me feeling so proud of him. Even though he didn’t need a Praetor anymore, it was clear he considers Jordan a friend. And friends don’t let friends hunt down crazy killers alone.

I can completely understand where both Jace and Clary are coming from. She just wants to be rid of Jonathan permanently and as soon as possible. She is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that. But Jace has some great points too. He thought he lost her and was devastated. Having her in front of him clearly made him realize how much he loves her. So I don’t blame him for wanting to enjoy the moments they can when they can.

Which is why I was completely on board with their expressions of love and beautiful moments. Of course, Jonathan doesn’t stay quiet for long and I’m really ready for him to go. I feel like the word psychopath just doesn’t begin to cover it.

Will Maia be able to cool the vampire and werewolf tensions? Can Clary just be rid of this time already? I just want my characters happy! While it feels impossible, I guess we’re just going to have to wait for next week to see if things get any better!


  1. I really hope they put Izzy and Simon together. In the books they were so good together! Johnathan is crazy and I hope they break that bond and soon. This episode was pretty awesome. Luke and Maryse are the couple I didn’t know I needed!!!

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