‘Game of Thrones’ Theories and Moments You Need to Remember for Season 8

Game Of Thrones Season 8

The final season of Game of Thrones is coming in less than a month, so if you are planning to rewatch, start now! If you don’t have the time to rewatch all seven seasons, we have a guide of theories and moments you need to remember for season eight. 

Spoiler Alert: this article contains spoilers from season 1-7 of Game of Thrones.

Jon and Daenerys’ Close Relationship

How related is too related to hook up? Well, on Game of Thrones most people don’t seem to care (ie. Jaime and Cersei). Although, it is frowned upon to date someone you are closely related to, so how closely related are Jon and Daenerys?

Looking at this family tree, we see that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen making his new love Daenerys his aunt. When you think about it, the Targaryens have a history of inbreeding: to keep the dragon blood more potent. This means they may be more related than just aunt and nephew. A fan on Reddit did the math for us proving that Jon and Daenerys share 44% of their DNA consequently making them closer to brother and sister than aunt and nephew.

Two important things to know about White Walkers

Winter is here along with the White Walkers and from what we can tell their plan is to kill everyone. From what we last saw of their army, they tore down the Wall at Eastwatch and are most likely heading south towards Winterfell.

Two important things to know about White Walkers are that they are formed from Craster’s babies, and they are killed with dragon glass and Valyerian Steel. The season eight Game of Thrones trailer, we can guess that Gendry forges Valyrian Steel for the upcoming fight against the dead.

The Night King’s Origin

In season six, we find out the Children of the Forest created the white walkers.


What we know is the Children of the Forest created White Walkers to fight the First Men of Westeros. This is ironic since the Children of the Forest team up with humans because the White Walkers grow too strong.

Something else that is interesting about the clip is how the first White Walker, The Night King, is made. Leaf, one of The Children of the Forest, stabs the man with something that looks like dragon glass. Dragon glass is one of the only weapons that can kill White Walkers.

Tyrion Lannister is a Targaryen

It’s common knowledge that Jon Snow is a Targaryen, but some theories alluded that he is not the only secret Targaryen son. Some fans believe that Tyrion is also a Targaryen. Fans think that Tyrion is not the son of Tywin, but the son of The Mad King. This theory explains why Tywin loathed Tyrion so much, and it fulfills the three-headed dragon prophecy. Crazier things have happened on Game of Thrones, and this theory might be revealed in season eight.

Jaime Kills Cersei

Cersei Lannister’s death is one of the things I’m most excited for in the final season of Game of Thrones. In season five flashback, a witch, Maggy the Frog, gives Cersei a prophecy.

Although in this clip there are only two things the witch predicts while in the books she sees three. The two things she foresees come true: Cersei will become queen and have three children that all die. In the book, the witch foresees a third thing in Cersei’s future- the valonqar prophecy.

The valonqar prophecy derives from the witch’s third prophecy “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” Cersei has two little brothers, but fans are more inclined to think that Jaime will be the one to kill his beloved sister.

Will Bran Fly?

If you remember in season four of Game of Thrones, the three-eyed raven told bran, “You will never walk again, but you will fly.” Telling Bran he could fly could mean a lot of things, but fans’ favorite theory is that Bran will warg in a dragon. Most fans think the dragon is Viserion. What we don’t know is if Bran warging into Viserion is a good or bad thing and if this confirms another theory about Bran.


Cleganebowl is probably the most popular theory in Game of Thrones and the most built up. This theory is a final duel between brothers-The Hound and The Mountain- resulting in one of the brothers’ death; hopefully The Mountain. The brothers have been feuding ever since The Mountain, Gregor Clegane, shoved The Hound’s, Sandor Clegane, face into burning coals. Most fans think it’s about time Sandor kills Gregor and hopefully, they will see it in the final season.

It seems like the final season of Game of Thrones might be the most complicated yet, and these aren’t the only theories for the last season of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones season eight premieres April 14, 2019.

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