‘Stranger Things’ Filming Locations to Get Your Selfie On!

Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix is dropping Stranger Things 3 this Summer! And there’s no better way to celebrate than road-tripping around Georgia to Stranger Things filming locations, and snagging pics that will make your friends super jealous! That’s right, Hawkins, Indiana is actually Atlanta and all around Georgia. So checking out everything from “Benny’s Burgers” to “The Upside Down” is all, not just possible, but fun!

Our favorite kids are now teenagers. And we can’t wait to see what kind of trouble could be in store for them. From the looks of the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer, we have a lot going on. New actors, like Jake Busey playing Bruce, a reporter for the Hawkins post and Cary Elwes, the not-so-loved Mayor of Hawkins and new locations! So guess what? We’re going to clue you into locations from Stranger Things Season 3 before it drops July 4th!

Hopper’s Cabin

628 Sleepy Hollow Road, Powder Springs, GA 30127

Stranger Things Filming Locations - Hoppers Cabin
Stranger Things Filming Locations – Hoppers Cabin

Want a first-hand look at Hopper’s Cabin, “Merrill’s Farm” pumpkin patch and more from Season 2? Well, you can do it all here at Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs. This family farm, not only has Christmas trees, a pumpkin patch and Spring festivals, but they have tons of fun farm animals, including babies and goats!! What does that have to do with Stranger Things? Nothing! They’re goats and adorable and nature! They also have Escape Woods. And if you happened to guess that one of those escapes is Hopper’s Cabin, you would be spot on! You and your own group of friends can work together like Mike, Dustin and Lucas on the hunt for Will to solve clues and escape the same cabin Sheriff Hopper and Eleven were in.

Palace Arcade & Hawkins Police Station

6501 Church St, Douglasville, GA 30134
8485 Courthouse Square West, Douglasville, GA 30134

Stranger Things Filming Locations - Palace Arcade
Stranger Things Filming Locations – Palace Arcade

Not far from Sleepy Hollow Farm is the town of Douglasville and Douglas County, who have their own Douglas County Film Trail for even more film fun! In Stranger Things land we have 2 great photo ops for you! The Palace Arcade is an old laundromat, which at last check was still for sale. But it shows up on Google Maps being staged as the arcade if you check street view for November 2018. Sheriff Hopper’s Hawkins Police Station is a mere 1/2 mile down Church St from the arcade. So you get a two for one deal! Some of Hopper’s best lines are said in this former Douglasville City Hall, also currently vacant, such as “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation”. Indeed they are Sheriff! Speaking of coffee, let’s go grab some and maybe waffles!

Stranger Things Filming Locations - Hoppers Office / Hawkins Police Department
Stranger Things Filming Locations – Hoppers Office / Hawkins Police Department

Benny’s Burgers

7413 Lee Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122

Stranger Things Filming Locations - Benny's Burgers
Stranger Things Filming Locations – Benny’s Burgers

When we first find Eleven she’s stealing fries from sweet Benny, who takes care of her and calls social services. But oh no, we get Agent Connie and, well, poor Benny. Fortunately for us, and that coffee we’re now craving, we don’t have to travel to Hawkins, Indiana for this moment of contemplation of just how the location scouts find these hidden gems. Tiffany’s Kitchen is just off I-20 heading back into Atlanta. It’s popular with locals, weary travelers, and truckers. And whether you get the waffles or a slice of one of the many, many pies they have, you won’t be sorry you made this selfie stop. Production even used a number of the tables and chairs in there. And before you ask, no you shouldn’t ask patrons to move so you can use one of the chairs to match up your shot.

Jackson, Georgia

42 N Mulberry St, Jackson, GA 30233

Stranger Things Filming Locations - Hawkins, Indiana
Stranger Things Filming Locations – Hawkins, Indiana

Welcome to Downtown Hawkins, Indiana! We are placing you at Lucy Lu’s Cafe on the Square, which not only has great coffee, Stranger Things-themed snacks and kickin’ chicken salad! Putting your back to their front door and standing on the corner you see the closed Jackson Pharmacy on the right. This played Melvald’s General Store, where Joyce worked and bought the phone and famous Christmas lights. Right next door is, you guessed it, the Radio Shack, yep, it was a real sign, not a prop for the show.

Stranger Things Filming Locations - Hawkins Library
Stranger Things Filming Locations – Hawkins Library

Across 2nd Street on the left in the middle of the square is the Butts County Courthouse/Probate Court, also known as the Hawkins Library and where Hopper ran up the steps; he and Joyce make a visit back here in the Upside Down. Continuing down 2nd St to the other corner, you’ll find Bradley’s Olde Tavern. So hopefully it’s time to switch from coffee to something a little stronger. Because it’s a cute place to check out and they have a Stranger Things burger! This was the location of the Hawk Movie Theatre. And just past it is the alley where Jonathan and Steve fight about the choice words Steve chose to write on the marquee about his mom.

Stranger Things Filming Locations - Hawkins Movie Theatre
Stranger Things Filming Locations – Hawkins Movie Theatre

Starcourt Mall
Gwinnett Place Mall, 2100 Pleasant Hill Rd., Duluth, GA

Stranger Things Filming Locations - Starcourt Mall
Stranger Things Filming Locations – Starcourt Mall – Image courtesy of Rodney Ho, AJC

Here’s the one Stranger Things Season 3 location we can talk about! An entire wing of the mall was shuttered for the filming. And it may even still be this way, complete with 80s storefronts! A little bit of a hike up I-85 heading Northeast from Atlanta in the complete opposite direction of every other filming location, but tie it in with a stop along Buford Hwy and snag some Instagram-worthy #welovebuhi foodie shots to go along with these locations.

There are plenty of locations scattered throughout the Downtown and Midtown Atlanta areas, some of which are pointed out on Atlanta Movie Tours Best of Atlanta Tour, but here are some other quick stops along the way for even more photo fun…

Hawkins General Hospital

East Point First Baptist Church, 2813 E Point St, East Point, GA 30344

While a minor location, in the Season 1 finale this was the exterior of the hospital where Will was taken to recover after his harrowing ordeal in the Upside Down.

Hawkins Middle School

109 S Lee St, Stockbridge, GA 30281

Exterior and interiors used for the middle and high schools and “Hawkins Middle School” tends to be on the building a good bit of the time, especially when filming, just remember that it’s private property.

Hideaway Bar

112 North Berry Street, Stockbridge, GA 30281

This is the bar where Hopper meets with O’Bannon about finding Will’s body in the lake. He proceeds to beat him up outside in Season 1. And then later meets with Dr. Owens for Eleven’s new “Jane Hopper” birth certificate at the end of Season 2.

Little further out, but if you’re a real fan you won’t care about the drive and makes for a fun pic in the freezer aisle…

Bradley’s Big Buy

506 Center St., Palmetto, GA 30268

This spot where Eleven snags the Eggo waffles is now a Piggly Wiggly Express. And they don’t mind the attention, just no tour buses.

Speaking of tour buses, rumor has it that Atlanta Movie Tours new Stranger Things Tour will be dropping any day and we’re super excited to be able to sit back, relax and leave the driving to someone else along with fun stories about times on the set from folks who were there!

Many locations are open to the public and welcoming. But keep in mind that there are others, which are not, so please make sure to respect the private homes, closed city property, active schools and other popular filming locations for one of our favorite #GeorgiaFilm’d shows!


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  1. I was in the Stranger Things, “The Upside Down” episode for Wills Funeral and the wake where “The Upside Down” is explained on the napkin. I was background behind the characters, and stood next to the Duffer Bros. at one point. The crew referred to them as one, calling them “The Brothers”. I also overheard Winona say that, “ Napoleon Dynamite” was her favorite movie! I’d love to do a tour and show my screen shots!