Disney Releases a Stunning ‘The Lion King’ Trailer

Lion King

Disney just released the trailer for the highly anticipated live-action remake of The Lion King. And it’s so good it will give you chills! Disney is raking in success with their live-action remakes of classic Disney films, but none look like they will compare to this one. (We’re just hoping it’s better than the live-action Dumbo)

The The Lion King trailer epically presents the story we all know and love with Mufasa (reprised by James Earl Jones) voicing over. The film stars some additional heavy hitters including Donald Glover (Simba), Beyoncé (Nala), Seth Rogen (Pumba), John Oliver (Zazu) and more.

Lion King Cast

Life in Jon Favreau’s The Lion King looks extraordinary and nostalgic with scenes shown in the trailer mirroring the original film. Favreau, who also directed The Jungle Book, seems to have struck gold recreating the 1994 classic.

In an interview with Polygon, Favreau stated “The Jungle Book was 50 years ago, but The Lion King was only 20. It came out in the age of video where people were watching it over and over again,” Favreau said. “So I have to prioritize that when I’m directing. I have to try and honor what was there. In some ways, it’s like bringing a Broadway playback because there are certain expectations.”

It’s true that there are high expectations, but after watching this new The Lion King trailer, it looks like Favreau will surpass them. Mark your calendars fans, The Lion King premieres on July 19, 2019! (Also know as Comic-Con week!)


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