Everything You Want to Know About Disney+


From the moment we heard that Disney was going to have its own streaming service, we were intrigued. We love Disney movies, so much so that we frequently binge watch them – sometimes we even have themed nights with it. Same goes for Marvel. So having one place to watch our favorite Disney/Marvel films and television series’ is a dream.

Up until this point, we hadn’t heard much else about it, at least not factually. Of course, the rumor mill has been turning and it’s piqued our interest for months. In terms of Marvel, Bucky Barnes is like the top of the list for us – right next to Captain America. One of the things we love most about his character’s personality is his banter with Sam Wilson, so a series devoted to the two of them is a dream.

We also heard we’d be getting a Loki series with Tom Hiddleston, so we’ve been sort of patiently waiting for confirmation from any channel available.

Today we finally got it, and it was better than we hoped for.

Disney+ Is Launching Fall 2019

Disney+ is launching later this year with access to these brands. D23’s official website listed this quote to let fans know what to expect.

Unprecedented access to the best content from the world’s most iconic entertainment brands like Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Those rumored Marvel series’? They’re coming, and then some! There will also be a High School Musical musical series, a new Monsters Inc series, and the first ever live-action Star Wars series. That’s just naming a few. In all, there will be hundreds of series and films for fans to view.

We cannot wait.

Those involved with the projects are just as excited as fans are to see them. Sebastian Stan took to Instagram with a post just after the announcement.


For more information on Disney+ and the launch coming this year, check out D23.

Disney+ launches on November 12th. We recommend just writing off your plans for the year after that.