Marvel Studios Posts ‘From The End Credits to the Endgame’ on Twitter and We’re Emotional

If you’re anything like us, your heart is currently filled to the brim with emotions about the upcoming premiere of Avengers: Endgame. Endgame officially hits theaters this Friday, with early showings for select venues in the days before the premiere and the big debut of Avengers: Endgame in Los Angeles tonight.

We’ve avoided most spoilers up to this point and now we’re surviving solely on coffee, minimal sleep, and the history of the MCU up to this point right now. If you’ve talked to us this week, you know we’re talking Marvel, we can’t fit much else in our minds or our hearts right now.

This is true for those associated with the film, as well. Marvel Studios posted a thread today titled ‘From the end credits to the Endgame’ and it made us emotional.

We’ve all been seated in the theater after the film ended. We’ve all watched those credits roll and anticipated those post-film scenes to hold us over until the next movie would debut.

Like this one, where Tony Stark heard from Nick Fury about that bigger universe that he was a part of now.

Nick Fury made a lot of appearances in those end credit scenes. Like this one with Steve Rogers going to town on a punching bag, anticipating something on the horizon.

This one will always be one of our favorites, and it’s more meaningful now than it has been before. This group…these heroes…they’re the backbone of everything.

This was a big one too…where the idea of ‘the twins’ was truly realized.

Even though we aren’t massive fans of the guy…there was this look at Thanos where he basically promised to rip our hearts out.

It’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of Stucky, in every way, so this sweet moment where Steve questions Bucky going back into a frozen state hit our hearts. Then, T’Challa, understanding that Bucky and his dad were both victims, reassures Steve that Bucky will be protected. This bond, these friendships, we wish we’d seen more.

This one is awesome, who doesn’t love a sassy Groot?

This moment is a favorite of ours, too.

We couldn’t leave this one out either, it holds a great deal of importance for Avengers: Endgame, and we love Nick Fury – especially with that iconic line he almost finishes saying before he turns to dust.

The entire thread can be viewed by clicking the first Tweet we posted above or jumping in anywhere along the line. We recommend, however, watching them from start to finish. It kind of brings it all full circle.

Some Marvel fans have vowed to stay offline until they see the movie themselves this weekend, but we’re glad we didn’t take that leap just yet. To be honest, we doubt we could, there’s just too much going on and we don’t wanna miss it.

Be on the lookout for red carpet looks from the big premiere and interview clips from us soon.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters this Friday, and we’re truly in the endgame, now.


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