‘Saint Bernard’ is Gritty and Pretty

Special Effects superstar turned filmmaker Gabe Bartalos has resurrected the lost art 16mm and 35mm cinema with his upcoming horror flick Saint Bernard. Warwick Davis joins Jason Dugre, Katy Sullivan, Peter Lasillo Jr., and Bob Zmuda on this trip into strangeness that evokes memories of Videodrome, Brazil, and other cult classics.

Saint Bernard will be available on multiple physical and digital formats, including VOD on May 14.


A classical music composer named Bernard (Jason Dugré) combats his deteriorating mental state. On a turbulent ride through his hallucinatory journey, Bernard meets a menagerie of bizarre characters that defy the dichotomy between good and evil. Protectors and guardians come to him in many forms, yet demons still lurk in the shadows of his mind.

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