Exclusive: Brad Jones Talks Post-Production of ‘Another Cinema Snob Movie’

Ever made a movie before? A professional one? Yeah, me neither. I couldn’t even begin to fathom the level of stress that comes along with independent filmmaking especially when it’s crowdfunded and there’s no guarantee that additional funds will be available if/when things go awry. Director Ryan Michelle and writer/producer Brad Jones know this all to well as they enter post-production of the sequel flick Another Cinema Snob Movie.

Though the film did hit its initial funding goal last year, Another Cinema Snob Movie was still being done on a budget that would require everything going perfectly to plan. Of course, such was not the case for Jones and company. Regardless, they pressed on and reached the home stretch which is post-production. There is one final scene to film, but it involves a guest star who I cannot reveal yet. Other than that, it’s all sound mixing, editing, and the usual tasks required to get this sequel out to the eager fans.

This week I spoke with Brad Jones on the phone about the production. What was cut? What hiccups happened along the way? What was the overall experience of bringing The Cinema Snob back to a feature length movie? Find out in our interview below:

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