Theatrical Releases for August 27th, 2010

Centurion (R), Drama – A Roman soldier and his small band of fellow survivors try desperately to find a safe haven as their relentless Pictish pursuers pick them off one by one. Stars Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurylenko.

Change of Plans (NR), Dramatic Comedy – A group of friends meet for a dinner party in Paris.

Daniel and Ana (NR), Drama – Ana is about to be married, Daniel is a gregarious teenager discovering his personal and sexual identity. Yet their harmony is instantly shattered when they are kidnapped and something shocking happens which forces them to confront their desires and fears.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct (R), Action – A dedicated soldier returns home to his parents after serving in the Algerian War but is soon seduced by the neon glamour of sixties Paris and the easy money it presents. He turns his back on law-abiding middle class and soon moves swiftly up the criminal ladder. Stars Vincent Cassel, Gerard Depardieu and Cecile de France.

Takers (PG-13), Drama – A notorious group of continues to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low between heists. But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective who is hell-bent on solving the case. Stars Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen and Matt Dillon.

The Last Exorcism (PG-13), Horror – After a career spent helping the devout through prayer and trickery, a reverend invites a film crew to document his final fraudulent days as an exorcist. Soon his faith is truly tested when a desperate plea from the father of a possessed girl brings him face to face with the devil himself. Stars Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell and Iris Bahr.


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