Megacon Orlando 2019 Cosplay Gallery: From Captain Marvel to Deadpool

Megacon Orlando 2019 was at it again this year at the Orlando Convention Center! There was a strong lineup of celebs and cosplayers, and this year Back to the Future was the main theme!

Vendors from all around the US flock to Orlando every year for this epic event. And there are cosplayers everywhere on all 4 days! The con might be a little overwhelming due to the number of people, but it’s always incredibly well organized.

Lines for A-listers are long, but they’re not unbearable. Artist ally is full of great talent. And Cosplay Corner is full of seasoned cosplayers and cosplayers that are just starting their journies.

In the end if you are a geeky nerdy fan you will love it. These cons are so much fun, and they are better enjoyed with friends! It’s just a ton of people that all love the same things – from Marvel to Star Wars, DC and more.

Take a look at our Cosplay Gallery from Megacon Orlando 2019 below!

Megacon Orlando 2019 Cosplay Gallery

Special thanks to Megacon Orlando for having us and hope to see you guys again next year. We know you cosplayers are already planning the next one. Let the con crunch begin for 2020!

Gallery and article by: Romey


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