Theatrical Releases For September 3rd, 2010

A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop (R), Drama – A gloomy and cunning noodle shop owner’s wife secretly goes out with one of his employees in a desert town in China.

Clear Blue Tuesday (NR), Drama – In the course of seven Tuesdays over seven tumultuous years, eleven New Yorkers are transformed by love, desire, art, ambition, fury, grief, faith, fear, hope and, ultimately, connection with each other in the rousing indie rock musical drama.

Going the Distance (R), Romance – When an journalist moves to San Francisco to finish her last year of school, her boyfriend stays in Manhattan to pursue his ambitions and wait on that promotion he’s been promised. With a webcam connection and frequent flier miles, the two gamely navigate the pitfalls and miscommunications of their bi-coastal romance, dodging bad advice from friends and some predatory singles who won’t take “taken” for an answer. But when it seems their wait is almost over, she scores her dream job in California just as his career heats up in New York. The big breaks they’ve been hoping for could break them up for good unless their love can truly go the distance. All-star cast includes Justin Long, Drew Barrymore, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Christina Applegate, Ron Livingston, and Jim Gaffigan.

Last Train Home (NR), Documentary – A family embarks on an annual journey, along with 200 other million peasant workers, to reunite with their distant family.

Machete (R), Action – He looked like just another day laborer from the streets, and the perfect fall guy for a crooked political assassination. But he turned out to be Machete, a legendary ex-federale with a deadly attitude and the skills to match. Stars Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Lindsay Lohan, Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, and Cheech Marin.

The Winning Season (PG-13), Comedy – A has-been coach is given a shot at redemption when he’s asked to run the local high school’s girls basketball team. Emma Roberts is cast as a player he befriends, and Rob Corddry will play the school’s principal. Stars Emma Roberts, Sam Rockwell, and Rob Corddry.

We Are Family (NR), Drama – A woman’s life revolves around her three children, who think nothing less than the world of her. Despite being divorced from her husband, she has ensured that everything runs smoothly in her house, under her watch, and that they continue to remain a happy family unit. However, when her ex-husband introduces his girlfriend, a career oriented woman who has a lot to learn about children to the family the situation immediately takes an unexpected turn.

White Wedding (NR), Romance – A man sets off from Johannesburg to travel the 1800 kilometers that lie between him and his bride to be. They are to be married on Saturday. First stop is Durban by Greyhound, but he misses the bus, misses his bachelor party and then things get worse.


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