The Most Iconic Movie Cars of All Time and What They’re Worth

Iconic Movie Cars

Throughout the decades, there have been some truly iconic car scenes, chases, wrecks, and cars alone. Sometimes, cars are even more memorable than the stars themselves. These cars have been imprinted into pop-culture and remain a staple of their respective movies. With the fame that’s brought to them, comes value. Not only have they been made famous, but they’ve also become a valuable commodity to many and one which many have sought investment within. The price has sky-rocketed for some of these, and they’ve now become eye-wateringly expensive. It’s a testament to their legendary status in the world of film. A head-turner wherever you go, you’ll always be noticed in a memorable vehicle such as these.

James Bond – Aston Martin DB5

Starting with probably the most infamous movie car of all time, you all know the James Bond cars, right? The British secret service spy is well known for his ensemble of gadgets and toys, and where would he be if it wasn’t for his trusty steed? The models have changed over the years, as have the actors, but the film franchise has always stayed true with the British motor manufacturer, Aston Martin.

We’ve seen a variety of the British sports cars throughout the years though nothing quite ever compares to the DB5. If you’ve got the cash to splash, why wouldn’t you buy an Aston Martin DB5? You can live your childhood (or adulthood) dream! That’s if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford one. It’s difficult to pinpoint even a rough price for the classic car, but you’re probably looking at around a cool $1,015,000 to secure yourself an original 1965 Silver Birch DB5 in good condition.

If you’ve got the money for that, then what’s to stop you topping it off with the just as iconic license plate number? 007 or 007JB. Though you’ll have to ask the original owners to cough it up as there’s only one of each going and it’s unlikely the lucky owners will ever want to let those go. So why not look at an alternative plate number? is a good place to search for an alternative. You can get yourself a similar “007” variation at a fraction of the price. You’ll be surprised at how expensive more favourable license plates can be.

Back to the Future – Delorean DMC-12

Another household family favorite, the Delorean DMC-12 is best-known for its sporty, futuristic appeal and gull-wing doors, making it the perfect candidate for Back to the Future’s time machine. Now euphemistically known as the Delorean time machine! The Delorean is instantly recognizable and is known and loved all around the world. It’s the only ever car manufactured by Delorean hence why it’s simply known as a Delorean. The iconic scene sees Einstein or Einie, Doc’s sheepdog, placed into the Delorean as a test run to go 1 minute ahead in time. Accompanied by Marty McFly, Doc remotely controls the vehicle and speeds it up to 88mph to activate the flux capacitor, sending Einie on a successful time travel journey 1 minute ahead of time and the Delolearn disappearing leaving a fiery blaze of tire track marks on the road.

Today, there are many fans and lovers of the car all over the world, some of which have tried their hand at repairing and replicating the Delorean time machine and so for this reason, there are many on-going projects and replicas on the market and available to purchase. Many super-fans have even tried to fit them with replica flux capacitors and all the film’s original buttons and screens whereas there are not so many working originals in good condition. Again, this makes it difficult to get an accurate costing of the car, but a solid, working Delorean in a decent condition will cost you upwards of $51,000. To many, that’s an affordable figure and a price many are willing to pay to fulfill that Back to the Future dream.

Starsky & Hutch – Ford Gran Torino

The Ford Gran Torino is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and revered American muscle classics of all time. Initially made famous by the 1970’s television series and subsequent 2004 film, this American muscle has since gone on to continue its journey of fame. Gran Torino is the name of a more recent Clint Eastwood movie. It takes center stage as not only the name of the movie but also as the reason for an unlikely friendship that the film revolves around.

As well as Starsky & Hutch making the Gran Torino an iconic car, they made the unforgettable paint job a classic too. David Soul (the original Hutch) first called the vehicle the “Striped Tomato” due to the red paint job with white vector stripes running down the side of the body. The exact paint job and colour combination were used throughout the series and of course, used again within the film.

Even Ford themselves loved the car so much; they decided to produce a run of around 1,300 Starsky & Hutch replica Gran Torinos. That’s how much of an impact this car made on pop-culture. With a car being so distinguished and celebrated throughout the world, and reruns being produced, cars with and without the paint job and many half-built and repaired projects, it’s tough to give a figure on how much you might be able to pick one up for. From 1974-1976 the models were unchanged in appearance so any Gran Torinos within the range will look the same. Given this, a clean, running Gran Torino at around this year will cost you around about $38,000. If you want the Striped Tomato paint job too then, you might be looking at a couple thousand more!

As you can see, these aren’t low prices for what is considered old and classic cars. The initial value of these cars was considerably less when they first came into production, but with Hollywood pushing them into the limelight, they’ve increased in stature and prestige. Everyone is going to want a piece of these cars. If you’re harboring any of these cars then probably a good idea to keep hold of it, they’re a rising commodity that is no longer being produced and will be more and more desirable as the years pass and they become extinct.


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