Robert Rodriguez Talks ‘Machete’ Sequels

Robert Rodriguez’s just-opened film ‘Machete’ ends with a message to stay tuned for ‘Machete Kills’ and ‘Machete Kills Again’, and that may not just be a grindhouse in-joke. Robert Rodriguez says that he has plans for two sequels to the action film and that the planning is in the advanced stages.

“Machete don’t joke,” states Rodriguez. “It felt like it needed something when the music kicked in so I wrote those written trails into the ending just a few days before I finished editing the movie. We made the trailer to ‘Machete’ not knowing that they’ll be a movie afterwards and then people came after us and said where is the movie, so if people come after us and say where is ‘Machete Kills Again’ then we’ll know we’ll need it.”

Rodriguez next has ‘Spy Kids 4’ on his agenda, so it would be a little bit until he could return to the character. ‘Machete’ has made $14.1 million in four days on only a $20 million budget, making a sequel very possible.