6 Filming Locations You Must See

Photo Credit: Chuck Zlotnick

If you are a movie buff, then the chances are that you have googled a location more than once. How much are the flights? Can you go to the place/item? How much if it is CGI?

The film locations are typically chosen because they are so beautiful. They usually aren’t too difficult to get on, but generally, aren’t used all that much by tourists either. The eagle eye shots looking down on the area, the awe-inspiring landscapes. The rain hitting the pavement in the middle of the city, it looks vibrant and rich. Of course, sometimes budgets don’t stretch that far, and we often miss out on special travel offers. With https://www.snappypaydayloans.com you would be able to snag that flight pronto.

Another one is the use of food and drink places, groups of people are having conversations. Sometimes they are sad, sometimes they are happy – either way, the food looks amazing, or the film becomes a cult classic – and the cafe is a must-see.

So here are a few locations that you should put on your list to see.

Lord of the Rings

This was filmed in New Zealand, and because of the success of the film – NZ got a massive boost in tourism. New Zealand has a vast amount of unspoiled nature, gorgeous mountain ranges, deathly cliffs and that beautiful Hobbit village!

Okay so that last one was created, but the rest is all down to the country itself. You can go and check out Hobbiton, and take a tour of the set. In fact, if you are really adventurous, you can book a stay overnight in the Green Dragon Inn, eat breakfast (and second breakfast) in The Shire’s Rest Cafe. If you are really in love with the place, then you can even have a wedding there. It is the meeting of fantasy and reality.

You can find Hobbiton in Matamata. Which isn’t too difficult to get to from Auckland. There are a few other locations on the island that you can see also.

The Beach

A cult classic. You can go and visit nearby here, but you should really check to see it the beach is back open before you set your heart on it. A secret map, in the movie, led people to a commune, a paradise – something hidden and exclusive. The real-life location for The Beach was Maya Bay. It is only a small place, and sadly it was so overrun with tourists at one point they had to close it to let the coral reefs regenerate.

Koh Phi Phi is still a stunning location and has plenty of other beaches that are more than worth your time.

Jurassic Park

This might come as a bit of surprise, but it was filmed in none other than Hawaii. When the original Jurassic Park came out, it was intense and for many -scary. The CGI was top of the range, and the animatronics were terrific too. Hawaii has recently been used in Jumanji and Godzilla in the past.

The filming locations that you can visit are Blue Hole in Kauai, which is a national tropical botanical garden. Manawaiopuna Falls and Olokele Valley is on the list too.

The weather is typically inviting, and you can be sure that even if you never make it the exact location of the giant dino print in the mud, you will be in awe at the surroundings and count probably picture being surrounded by Velociraptors in no time.

Batman: The Dark Knight

Of course, we all know this is filmed in Gotham City! However, a big chunk of the movie was actually filmed in Hong Kong. The location is stunning, the city stretches out for miles. And when Christian Bale leaps from the International Finance Center is something that is beyond breathtaking.

Victoria Harbor and the streets of Central were the home of many of the scenes.

Hong Kong looks futuristic, fast and luxurious – in both money and culture. So of course as well as visiting just because Batman was here, you might like to spend some time soaking it all in.

Doctor Strange

Some of the most exciting places to visit have been pushed onto our screens by superhero movies. They show off the best parts of the city and make them very interesting for us to look at. Dr Strange is a great watch – not just because of the power he has, but because of the intelligence he holds. In a bid to find himself, he looks for a cure in Kathmandu. It is rich in history, and the old buildings and ancient scenery clashed perfectly with the stunning effects.

If this gives you are a thrill, then you will likely love the idea of a Dr Strange Tour. During the tour, you will be taken to specific scenes in the movie. The World Heritage Site Pashupatinath Temple and Patan Durbar Square. But, the winding side roads, old markets and ancient alleyways are equally enticing.

Memoirs of a Geisha

A beautiful book and a visually pleasing film. The period drama is based around a little girl who is sold into servitude and ends up in a Geisha house in Kyoto. Of course, the underdog comes out on top, and she becomes the most coveted Geisha ever known.

There were many scenes that were filmed in California, but to get that authentic feel and look, they also shot in Gion, Kyoto. The movies includes many of the most mesmerising cinematography you are likely to see.

The issue here is that sites like Kiyomizudera Temple are jam-packed with tourists all the time. However, if you stay in the Gion district, for a little while you are likely to see a real-life Geisha.

So there you have it, a list of brilliant movies that have locations that you can visit with ease, with some careful planning you can find yourself standing where a considerable movie star fought to save the planet once again. It pays to do some research too, typically more than one film will be shot in any of the more popular locations.



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