Ken Sagoes Talks ‘The McHenry Trail’ Indiegogo Campaign

Ken Sagoes is someone I truly admire. Where others just talk about social change or other ills that plague American society, Mr. Sagoes actually does something about it: charities, scholarships, and awareness programs. All of these are aimed at communities that are often overlooked by many in our country. To say that Ken Sagoes is a beacon would be an understatement.

The current project that he is working on concerns a film adaptation of his new book The McHenry Trail, a story about a fifteen-year-old prodigy who is looking to free his wrongfully convicted father with the use of his exceptional legal skills. To get the full film made, however, Ken needs to prove to the studio suits that he has the chops to make a feature of this weight. So, with the power of Indiegogo and the goodwill of those willing to pledge funds, Ken will make a short film surrounding a few key scenes from the book.

Today I spoke with him about these efforts and what you can do to help. Check it out below.

Click here to donate to the Indiegogo campaign.



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