Jessica Lynn Parsons Talks ‘Surviving Confession’

Jessica Lynn Parsons of Dungeon Run gave us a few minutes of her time to talk about the upcoming comedy-drama Surviving Confession. Parsons plays Amber, the foil to Clayton Nemrow’s Father Morris. For more on Surviving Confession, check out our interview with the film’s director Matthew Tibbenham.

Surviving Confession is out July 30th on all major digital platforms: Google, Amazon Video, iTunes.


Father Morris is a dissatisfied priest who has not been happy with his job for some time. After hearing another unremorseful and untruthful confession from a parishioner who is cheating on his wife, a quick-witted teenager, Amber, comes into his confessional and starts to turn Father Morris’s life upside down. Amber questions everything Father Morris stands for, and begins to get under his skin in a way that hasn’t happened before. Throughout the evening, interesting characters pass through Father Morris’s confessional as he reflects on what matters most in life and continues to quip with Amber, who slowly reveals why she came to confession.

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