Stephen Amell and David Ramsey Tease What to Expect from Arrow Season Premiere

Arrow Final Season

The final season of Arrow is just around the corner, and FanBolt sat down with the two remaining members of Original Team Arrow to talk about it! Both Stephen Amell and David Ramsey were fairly cagey when it came to details about season eight, but we learned a few tidbits to tide us over until the season premiere in mid-October.

Star Stephen Amell told us that Oliver will be closing the chapters with five different characters in just the first three episodes of season eight. Who those characters might be is something we’ll have to wait to find out.  Echoing creator Marc Guggenheim, Amell also noted that the first episode of the season is a mirror of the Arrow pilot, so we should expect to see Oliver on Lian Yu first thing. Check out the rest of his interview below!

David Ramsey has three things he wants to see resolved for his character, John Diggle: his relationship with wife, Lyla; his relationship with his two sons; and perhaps most importantly to some of us, whether or not Diggle will become a Green Lantern. About the now-absent third member of OTA, Ramsey said, “you don’t have a presence like that leave the room and not feel it.” Personally, I’m still holding out hope that we’ll see Felicity in the finale!

Don’t miss the premiere of the final season of Arrow on October 15th on the CW!



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