HBO’s ‘His Dark Materials’ Is the Epic Fantasy Series You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’ve been looking for a series to replace the void on your screens that Game of Thrones left behind, HBO’s His Dark Materials may just be the one. A new trailer for the series premiered on October 3rd, and holy wow does it look good!

The series is adapted from Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy of the same name, and before you get worried that there may never be an ending (*cough* looking at you George R. R. Martin *cough*) – you can rest assured. The His Dark Materials trilogy was finished in 2000.

Dafne Keen, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda star in the new series which is set to premiere on HBO on November 4, 2019. The story, which is considered a modern masterpiece of imaginative fiction, will follow Lyra in the first season. Lyra (Dafne Keen) is a seemingly ordinary but brave young woman from another world. Her search for a kidnapped friend uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen children, and it becomes a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust. As she journeys through the worlds, including our own, Lyra meets Will (Amir Wilson), a determined and courageous boy. Together, they encounter extraordinary beings and dangerous secrets, with the fate of both the living — and the dead — in their hands.

Between this series, Watchmen, and the final season of USA’s Mr. Robot…. we’re pretty excited about the 2019 fall television season! Are you excited for His Dark Materials? Let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comment section below!


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