Attention Design Geeks Who Love Disney! You’ll Want This DVD Edition of ‘The Lion King’!

Lion King

It’s no secret that I’ve not been the biggest fan of some of Disney’s recent remakes. However, The Lion King was among my favorite films this summer! Why? Disney got something so right with this film that they haven’t in a lot of their live-action remakes – they leaned heavily into the nostalgia factor.

It’s not easy making a movie that a whole generation grew up with and remaking it for a new generation. Disney tends to add too much new material in or they change too much of what we loved from the original. But not here. It was shocking to me as I watched this film – just how much of the dialogue I still remembered word for word from the animated film. And while the dialogue didn’t match perfectly, everything was close enough to the 1994 film that it felt like it was honoring the movie I grew up – while also bringing something new to the table for a new generation.

It’s a wonderful movie for the whole family, and it’s a perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday season! But that aside, you all know I’m a bit of a design and packaging nerd… which brings me to the special edition of this release that you can only get at Best Buy.

The Lion King SteelBook

The above is the Collectible SteelBook (only available at Best Buy. It’s such a beautiful design, and it’s significantly more childproof if you have little ones roaming around your DVD collection!

The Lion King SteelBook The Lion King SteelBook The Lion King SteelBook

Need another reason to pick up the Collectible SteelBook at Best Buy?

The Lion King

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Best Buy, but all opinions here are my own.