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Mark Ruffalo To Actually Play The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo To Actually Play The Hulk


Fans found out recently that Mark Ruffalo landed the part of The Hulk in Marvel Studios’ upcoming ‘The Avengers.’ News has surfaced today that stuns and excites fans even more! Ruffalo will actually do the performance capture for the Green Goliath!

He told Vulture: “I’m really excited. No one’s ever played the Hulk exactly, they’ve always done CGI… They’re going to do the Avatar stop-action, stop-motion capture. So I’ll actually play the Hulk. That’ll be fun.”

Ruffalo added that he’s going more for Bill Bixby’s Banner: “I really love the first TV version of it, the Bill Bixby one… I’m gonna shoot for that a little bit. He was an everyman in it. He’s always on the run and trying to find love. It’s really a sympathetic character, before he turns into the Hulk and screws everything up.”

No CGI? Well, all we can say is, take it easy with that signature ‘Smash’ move Ruffalo!

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