Geeking Out with Deacon Ales of Windermere Wand Shop

harry potter

In the Potterverse one of the old adages is “the wand chooses you,” and no one knows that better than wand craftsman Deacon Ales of Windermere Wand Shop!

After weeks of talking over Instagram (while drooling over his one-of-a-kind wands) I was anxious to see his display and meet him at Leaky Con in Boston, and wow was I in Harry Potter heaven, the detail! The designs! The shininess!

Deacon was such a delight to meet, you could tell how much pride he takes in his unique wands, and I was so fascinated with how he finds intricate pieces to create his wands.
My favorite wand (that I got to play with!) had a pearl handle from a parasol made in 1910, each wand is like an antique with its own story – and some of the most influential faces from the Wizarding world including Chris Rankin, Stan Yanevski, James Payton, and influencers Tessa Netting & Brizzy!

Definitely check out the Windermere Wand Shop on Instagram (@windermerewandshop) or at his Etsy store
I can’t wait to see what Deacon creates next and I can’t wait to share the gorgeous wand that he gifted me!

See the full interview to hear more!


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