Billy Chase Goforth Talks ‘Door in the Woods’

What would you do if you found a random door in the woods? Open it, right? Heck yeah! What could go wrong? I mean, sure, you may have to make a deal with some sort of demonic entity from a realm beyond imagination, but other than that, it’s smooth sailing!

The subject of entryways appearing in wooded areas is exactly what the aptly titled Door in the Woods from writer and director Billy Chase Goforth is all about. OK, not exactly. The film itself is more of a family drama with supernatural elements. However, that family drama turns out to be the most enthralling aspect of the movie. Check out our interview with Mr. Goforth below as we delve into the details!

Door in the Woods stars Jennifer Pierce Mathus and David Rees Snell. The flick also features an amazing performance by CJ Jones of ‘Baby Driver’! It is currently available on DVD and all major streaming platforms including Amazon Video!


A family is haunted by a group of evil spirits that they accidentally release after finding a mysterious gateway during a hike. they turn to a shaman who must help them save their child and send the entities back to the spirit world forever.

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