Jeff Ayars Talks ‘This Is Our Home’

Sometimes you and loved one are just hanging out at home when a random kid shows up and claims to be yours. Now, don’t panic. Sure, you two may have never had a kid, nor planned on one. Don’t let that sway you. Ya got a free kid! Free labor! Someone to mow the lawn or do the laundry. An extra set of hands to help with that bank robbery you’ve been planning but the little person you were relying on to sneak through the ventilation shaft back out… Perhaps I’ve said too much.

While This is Our Home is not a movie about wacky hijinks, it is a unique suspenseful romp that acts as a character study and a deconstruction of the modern American relationship dynamic. To uncover the layers of this terrifying onion, we reached out to one of the stars. We spoke at length with actor and comedian Jeff Ayars about the disturbing nature of the film and his experience working alongside someone he was romantically involved with, co-star Simone Policano.

This is Our Home was directed by Omri Dorani and written by Rob Harmon. The creepy thriller will be available via digital and DVD December 3rd! Check out the film’s official website and connect with Jeff Ayars via Twitter or his website!

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