It’s Official – ‘National Treasure 3’ Is Happening

National Treasure 3

After years of silence, Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are moving forward and officially beginning on National Treasure 3. And the movie has already gained Bad Boys for Life screen-writer Chris Bremner. The two are no strangers to each other, though. Bruckheimer produced all three Bad Boys films, and Bremner joined him as a writer for Bad Boys for Life. Bremner and Bruckheimer will not only work on National Treasure 3 together, but will also work on the fourth Bad Boys movie.

The First Two National Treasure Movies

The National Treasure franchise was a huge win for Disney making $347 million for the first movie and $457 million for its sequel in 2007. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets became one of Bruckheimer’s most successful movies of his career earning triple its $130 million budget.

The movies follow a cryptologist who embarks on many wild adventures and faces a fair amount of trouble. The first film focuses on stealing the Declaration of Independence to gain access to a treasure map on its back. And the second film centered around the missing pages of John Wilkes Booth’s diary and kidnapping the president.

What’s in Store for National Treasure 3?

Will the story follow cryptologist Benjamin Franklin Gates and Dr. Abigail Chase once again? The third film is reportedly about a map to Atlantis that Abraham Lincoln hid in court briefs, but this plot has not been officially confirmed. Although some of the crew is set, neither Nicolas Cage nor Diane Kruger have been confirmed to star in the movies. Jon Turtletaub has also not been confirmed to join the crew as director. Turtletaub stated back in 2010 that he did want to be a part of the third installment, and they “wouldn’t make National Treasure without Nicolas Cage.

What adventures do you think National Treasure 3 will embark on? Tell us your opinions, thoughts, and theories in the comment section below!


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